Call Blocker FAQ


Q: How do I stop 800/866/888 numbers from calling me?

A: You can use the Fuzzy Matching feature of Teleblocker. Enter this operation code '#1800*******#' then all calls with 800 prefix will be blocked.

Q: What happens when a blocked caller calls? Does my phone ring?

A: Teleblocker stops the call immediately and then the caller will hear the busy tone. Your phone will not ring at all!†

Q: How do I block a phone number?

A: In off-hook state, you may input operation code from the telephone keypad. And you will hear a return code from TeleBlocker. (in this process you may hear the phone prompts 'invalid number', please ignore it). 

For example, if you want to block a number '360-529-6105', you may put it into the blacklist (make sure the blacklist is turned on): lift up the telephone handset -> input '#13605296105#' from the telephone keypad -> you will hear a return sound from Teleblocker and it's done. If you want to delete this number from the blacklist you may input '#23605296105#'. When the same caller calls again he will get the busy tone. Your phone will not ring. 

Q: I have setup the blacklist but there is no action while a call comes in?

A: This is because TeleBlocker does not receive the caller id. The reason maybe there is interference on the phone line (from an ADSL modem etc). Thatís why we ask you to turn off the ADSL modem while testing Teleblocker the first time. In order to resolve this problem please install an efficient ADSL filter before TeleBlocker.

Q: Sometimes TeleBlocker can not receive my operation code?

A: Maybe someone just called in and TeleBlocker is in its own operating process. Please hang on your telephone and operate again after 6 seconds.

Q: Why no one can call in after I install Teleblcoker?

A: This is because you have turned on the Whitelist (and there is no entry in it). Please turn on the Blacklist and it will be fine.

Q: Will the records in Blacklist or Whitelist be lost while Teleblocker power down?  

A: No! All numbers are stored in the flash memory so they will be stayed there while power off.