Blocking Unwanted Calls and Junk Fax

The Do-Not-Call list doesn't work, why? Because laws only restrict people who obey the law! But those telemarketers or scammers are coming up with more and more tricks to avoid being penalized. And is the phone company always able to solve harassing phone call problems? No. If the caller uses a phone booth or multiple phone lines, the phone company and law enforcement officials may never get enough identification to take further action. In the old days changing phone number is usually fastest and easiest way to go. Now our new product 'Teleblocker' - Call Blocker Device will completely resolve your troubles

TeleBlocker is a little call blocker device that can block telemarketers, politicians, junk faxes, charity, nonprofit organizations, research companies conducting polls/surveys, collection agents, banks, lawyers, hospitals, debt collection, credit cards companies… all unwanted calls for you.



1) Supports up to 1000 entries of Blacklist (once the caller's number is in the blacklist, your phone will not ringing) and Whitelist (only numbers in the white list will be passed.) All numbers are stored in flash memory so they will not be lost while power off. With the 'Fuzzy Matching' feature of Teleblocker you can block thousands of numbers!

2) Blocking unknown caller id calls (include 'O' - out of area and 'P'- Private calls)

3) Supports 'Bellcore FSK' caller id standard.

4) Easy to store the current caller id into Blacklist or White list during conversation of after the call.

5) Supports Fuzzy Matching: blocking caller id that prefix with '800' (or end with '3456', or caller id that prefix with '866' and end with '8765'). 

Blacklist and White list Setup:

In off-hook state, you may input operation code from the telephone keypad. And you will hear a return code from this Call Blocker. (in this process you may hear the phone prompts 'invalid number', please ignore it).

For detail instructions please download the user manual here: teleblocker.pdf


Hardware Connections:

1) Connect the telephone line (NORMAL LAND LINE ONLY) to the 'LINE' port

2) Connect the telephone machine to the 'TELEPHONE' port

3) Connect the DC adapter to the 'DC 5V' port


Where to buy?

You may buy it here in Ebay.


Package include:

Teleblocker X 1

5V DC Adaptor (110-240 V) X 1

Phone Cord X 1